donderdag 14 oktober 2010

Hello! i (char) don't go to school today because i am sick. so i tought;let's work on our blog,and because we are new i don't relly know what to do,but i do my best do post thing that you bloggers like. so i hope there come more followers and comments. now i'm gonna drink a cup of tea and eat chocolate!
ps; i think that i gonna work the whole day on or blog!
loves! x char

8 opmerkingen:

  1. very cute blog you got here :) thanks for the follow, am following you back


  2. thanks for the comment & for following :)
    i hope you're feeling better soon.
    (i'm following you back!)

  3. Follow you :)
    Your blog is really cool.
    Ohh and I read that you are from Belgium.
    I love the city Antwerpen there. I love going shopping there. It's my favourite shopping city ;)

  4. Hey,
    thx for your comment & for following.
    Like your blog,'s really cute, so i'll follow you back (:


  5. Thaaank you very much for your comment and following ♥ .

    I followed you back because your Blog is really great ♥ .

    Anni ♥ .

  6. thankyou commenting and following,
    i love finding fashion blogs by people
    my age, so i can relate, great blog im following back, :}